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This web site is currently under substantial revision, and is being redeveloped as a personal archive.

For my professional website, please visit www.hamm.co.uk

See also www.neusoft.ltd.uk for my company web site.

  Hammies in Italy  

This link is to the Italy photo blog. There are currently 51 photos from the Hammies' recent holiday in Italy (including short stays in Morzine, Zell am Moos near Salzburg, and Frankfurt)

  Hammies in Peru  

This link is to the Peru photo blog — more photo than blog at present. There are currently 50 photos from our recent holiday in Peru (and some from other participants)

  Chamber music in Tuscany  

This link is to the Valdottavo pages, which describes and supports a chamber music workshop we have held in Tuscany for 6 years (1999-2005, with the exception of 2004). (In 2004 we went to Edinburgh instead for the antithesis of chamber music: a thumping great 80-piece orchestra but, except for the pizza trips to Lucca, equally satisfying.)

The pages still contain booking information for 2005. They will be replaced in due course with an archive of our activities, musical and otherwise, together with information about a possible future course.

  Professional activities   

I am a computer software specialist and IT consultant of some 25 years experience based in Thames Ditton, near London. My current activities centre on web design and development. I am also an experienced Win32 developer, specialising in Borland's Delphi platform. For more details, follow the Professional link on the left.


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